Motivating Team Members

Course Description:

Can one directly motivate another individual, or do we motivate ourselves? Can a leader influence the surroundings to create a motivating atmosphere? Is what motivates one person the same as what motivates another? Motivating Team Members opens each leaders thinking about the answers to those, and other questions. It explores what motivation truly is and how it works and explores how motivation is different for each individual. It helps leaders understand what they can do to create an improved work environment that will motivate members of their team. Motivating Team Members helps managers learn the four stages to influence a team member to perform a task, while creating a work environment that will motivate higher performance.

Course Objectives:

When you have completed the Motivating Team Members course, you will be able to conduct a successful meeting with a team member to coach them on how to perform a job, task, or skill by:

  • Improving your team member’s performance.
  • Understanding the factors that motivate team members to perform effectively.
  • Understanding how motivation varies from team member to team member.
  • Distinguishing between motivators and dis-satisfiers.
  • Learning how to create a work environment for each team member that will motivate higher performance.

Fee: $49