Managing Complaints

Course Description:

Managing Complaints is one of the courses included in Vital Learning Corporation’s Leadership Essentials Series. It focuses on interpersonal skills, emphasizing communication and improvement of management skills by using behavior modeling. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that learners first experience the two foundation modules, Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communicating prior to taking this course. The audiences for this course are team leaders, supervisors, and first-line managers.
As the leaders on the front line, managers and team leaders are often the first to hear team member complaints. And though sometimes they may seem unimportant, each complaint should be addressed and resolved. This module shows how to resolve simple complaints and identify the hidden agendas that so often underlie the chronic grievances.

Course Objectives:

When you have completed the Managing Complaints course, you will be able to conduct a successful meeting with a team member to coach them on how to perform a job, task, or skill by:

  • Understanding why all team member complaints must be dealt with rather than ignored or dismissed.
  • Being more sensitive to all the problems—major or trivial, real or imagined—that can lie behind complaints.
  • Understanding techniques used to determine underlying problems, which are not always the same as those the team member thinks are responsible for his/her difficulties.
  • Using various techniques to solve such problems while maintaining a positive relationship with the team member.

Fee: $49