Improving Work Habits

Course Description:

Improving Work Habits is one of the courses included in Vital Learning Corporation’s Leadership Essentials Series. It focuses on interpersonal skills, emphasizing communication and improvement of management skills by using behavior modeling. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that learners first experience the two foundation modules, Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communicating prior to taking this course. The audiences for this course are team leaders, supervisors, and first-line managers. Improving Work Habits provides the tools necessary to recognize and to address poor work habits – even those of a team member who may be successful in his or her job. By focusing on the negative behavior and gaining the individual’s acceptance and commitment to change, the manager effectively addresses the issue before it develops into a disciplinary problem for everyone on the team.

Course Objectives:

When you have completed this workshop on Improving Work Habits, you will be able to.

  • Distinguish between job performance and work habits.
  • Understand the importance of dealing with unsatisfactory work habits early, before they require disciplinary action.
  • Explain clearly and specifically to a team member the nature of his/her unsatisfactory work habits, focusing on behavior rather than personality or attitude.
  • Involve the team member in the process of correcting the unsatisfactory behavior through an interactive process which maintains the team member’s self-esteem.
  • Increase team member accountability by getting team member commitment to a clear plan of action and by reviewing progress regularly.

Fee: $49