Hiring Winning Talent

Course Description:

Successful hiring doesn’t start with a job posting and end when a candidate has been selected. Successful hiring is a structured process that begins with a clear, well defined and justified definition of what capabilities a good candidate must have to be successful and it ends with ensuring the selected individual accepts the offer and joins the organization in a totally positive way. Hiring Winning Talent provides the processes and tools required to master the art and science of identifying and winning great new employees – those that will perform in the top 20%.

Course Objectives:

After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Establish an efficient process that will reduce the time it takes to interview and select a qualified candidate.
  • Maximize new hires’ productivity once they join your team by ensuring that candidates are a good fit for the job (both technical and organizational fit).
  • Ensure team cohesion and support for new hires by involving team members in the process.
  • Increase the retention of all new hires, and in particular reduce turnover during new hires’ first year on the job.
  • Conduct a hiring strategy meeting that helps clarify the roles and responsibilities of the interview team.
  • Learn a structured interview process that will ensure consistency and fairness to all candidates.
  • Utilize specific tools and techniques to evaluate candidates and make an informed hiring decision.

Fee: $49