Communicating Up

Course Description:

Communicating Up is one of the courses included in Vital Learning Corporation’s Leadership Essentials Series. It focuses on interpersonal skills, emphasizing communication and improvement of management skills by using behavior modeling. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that learners first experience the two foundation modules, Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communicating prior to taking this course. The audiences for this course are team leaders, supervisors, and first-line managers.
Most managers and team leaders realize the importance of upward communication, but few accept the responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of communicating with their own managers. Managers and team leaders will learn how to frame communication so that a desired result is achieved.

Course Objectives

When you have completed the Communicating Up course, you will be able to conduct a successful meeting with a team member to coach them on how to perform a job, task, or skill by:

  • Understanding the importance of framing all communication with your manager in terms of his/her self-interest.
  • Entering meetings with your manager armed with a well-thought-out and clearly stated objective.
  • Clearly linking your objective with facts that support plans and goals.
  • Working with your manager to uncover any questions or reservations he/she may have concerning your message.
  • Moving conversations toward agreement using questions that focus on benefits to be gained when your objective is reached.
  • Clearly and concisely restating the decisions that result from communicating with our manager and insure that those decisions are mutually understood.

Fee $49