Coaching Job Skills

Course Description:

Coaching Job Skills is one of the courses included in Vital Learning Corporation’s Leadership Essentials Series. It focuses on interpersonal skills, emphasizing communication and improvement of management skills by using behavior modeling. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that learners first experience the two foundation modules, Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communicating prior to taking this course. The audiences for this course are team leaders, supervisors, and first-line managers. Coaching Job Skills provides the tools necessary to successfully coach individuals to perform a job, a task, or a skill. In order to achieve results, coaching must go beyond just showing how to do something. Coaching involves observing, analyzing demonstrating, and giving feedback. It’s a process of developing relationships with team members – relationships that ultimately can build the trust and respect that are the foundation of successful organizations.

Course Objectives:

When you have completed the Coaching Job Skills course, you will be able to conduct a successful meeting with a team member to coach them on how to perform a job, task, or skill by:

  • Understanding the special nature of coaching; a one-on-one activity that involves showing a team member how to perform a task
  • Distinguishing between performance problems that require coaching and those that can best be handled by clearer instructions or by other means.
  • Understanding the importance of observation and analysis before coaching a team member, since coaching, like all effective training activities, must be well thought-out and carefully planned.
  • Involving the team member in the coaching process by asking questions and encouraging feedback.

Fee: $49