Cautious or Confident?

If you are a key leader in an organization by now you’ve set your goals for 2018. Are you cautious or confident about your team’s ability or your company?

Perhaps your goals include increasing revenue, EBIDTA, or hiring new staff. Have you also considered adding the goal of what type of leader you want to show up as for your team?

Sometimes leaders are too cautious in their daily dealings with staff. When a leader is too cautious the staff starts to think something is wrong with the stability of the company. If you tend to be too cautious, ask yourself why? Do you feel your team doesn’t have the ability to do their jobs?

Likewise if you’re too confident, is it because you make unjustified assumptions about what others can do?

A six-year study shows that at each growth stage, your organization needs a certain number of leadership to be cautious AND confident. The survey also shows at each growth stage you should be using a specific leadership style.

If you want to change your company or team results you’ll need to change the way you lead. Your challenge in 2018 is to be intentional in they way you lead so you can reach your goals.

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