It’s all about survival: how do you counter chaos and support sustainable growth?

Does your business have what it takes to survive? As leader, do you? You had an idea; now you have a company that’s bringing it to life. Orders roll in; profits climb; employees are hired – pressure increases; decisions multiply; opportunities and risks expand exponentially. Life in Stage 1 is marked by chaos and destabilization. You can’t stop it, but you can manage it. Strategic Human Insights can equip you with the tools you need to stabilize and maintain sustainable growth. If you don’t have what it takes, get it. Now.


Growing, growing, gone? Too much growth, too fast can devastate your company.

How do you maintain your growth momentum? Keep up the fast and furious pace of a thriving business? Slow Down. Now is the time when you can establish sound processes, manage cash flow, and hire quality people – or grow your company straight into failure. Strategic Human Insights’ Growth Curve Process will help you align strategic objectives, identify areas of challenge and implement an effective plan to overcome obstacles to healthy growth. Lead your company through growth; don’t let chaos and crisis do it for you.


Let go. Step back. If you can’t delegate, forget about growing.

The bad news or the good news first? The bad: Stage 3 has the highest rate of CEO-burnout of all the growth phases. There’s a distinct seismic shift: you can no longer do everything. You have to deal with controlling less and delegating more, which is a problem if you don’t have the talent you need – or the trust in them that they need. The good: you can build a culture of accountability and results. You can communicate effectively with your people. You can grow into the type of leader your company needs. We can show you how.


It’s the people, stupid. Hire right – and get out of the way.

What’s your biggest problem? It’s the people, stupid. More people, more complexity. Your company needs you to be less of a visionary and specialist and more of a managing leader. Do you have strong managers on whom you can rely? Get out of their way and let them build cohesive teams – with your support, not your interference. Strategic Human Insights will help you implement the right processes and hire and develop the right people to lead your company to the next level. We’ll show you how to let go and allow your company to grow.


You gave managers the accountability to build strong teams: now do something with them.

Ready to change – again? If you did your job in Stage 4, your managers have built strong “fiefdoms.” Now they need to integrate into a unified whole. While they’re operating on solid ground, you must resume a more visionary role. What opportunities will help your company survive and thrive in the face of increased competition? How can you solidify key customer relationships? How can you ensure your people share your vision – and are engaged and motivated enough to help you realize it? Need answers? We can help. Our Growth Curve Process will analyze the undercurrents of your company, identify obstacles, and lead to a strategic plan to keep people, profits, and processes aligned for success.


How do you keep your company competitive? Think Strategically.

The big question: What’s next? Leaders and hiring managers need to concentrate on longer-term strategy: where is the company going, and what – or whom – does it need to get there? Ensuring everyone is on board is critical. How will you get people to align (or realign) themselves with and invest in your vision and goals? Your company needs to you be a visible – strong – leader who is committed to keeping it competitive. How? Strategic Human Insights can help you develop a plan as unique as your business.


Reignite the Fire: Keeping innovation, excitement and your company alive.

You made it! 161-500 employees: think you can sit back and relax? Think again. That’s the biggest mistake a leader, or any key functional area, such as human resources, can make. Now is the time to sharpen your focus. Now is the time to recommit to intrepid entrepreneurialism and rampant innovation. You need to avoid stagnation, to light the fire under your people – and yourself. We have the match: with Strategic Human Insights’ targeted solutions, you can ignite inspiration, motivation, and the staying power needed to keep growing and thriving.