Building on Boomers

Building and Banking on Boomers

Surprise! Boomers are not gone…yet! What does this mean for your company? If you are smart and keep or hire Boomers over the next ten years, you’ll be setting your company up to beat your competition and grow for the long term.

You and your hiring team lament, “We can’t find people to fill our jobs.” When in reality you are deliberately (in some cases) cutting out several solid sources of hires: Boomer and the unemployed (most through no fault of their own – ever hear of the CEO changing of the guard? It happens frequently in big and small companies) I’ve seen some of your job postings and how biased the language is against different groups of people – stop it. Even though there is (seemingly) low unemployment, turnover rates are rising and it appears this trend is not going to stop anytime soon. According to the most recent survey 19% of your younger employees left you because of bad management and low promotion opportunities.

Boomers can be the secret weapon to grow and stabilize your organization. There is wisdom with age, and in most cases a high level of emotional intelligence. How does this help you? By letting Boomers work with and develop younger staff. Boomers are stable, they want and are able to contribute to your organization on so many levels. Your clients want to talk to people that have experience and can solve their problem. Your younger staff wants to send emails or texts versus having live conversations and this doesn’t always cut it with customers looking for answers. Boomers grew up during a time when communicating up and down the chain of command was taught and they can teach the young ones. 

Do yourself and your business a favor – keep and hire Boomers to help stabilize your organization while the young ones leave you for greener pastures.