Achieving Alignment, Engagement and Implementation

Achieving Alignment

When your company is growing quickly, it’s easy to become frustrated if your employees are focused in areas you don’t feel are important to the growth mission.

The flip side is:

When employees don’t have a full understanding of where the business is headed and why, they can dig their heels in and resist. Employees may feel leadership only sees what leadership wants to see and aren’t taking their issues into account.

These disconnects mean all the people and parts of your business are NOT aligned with each other. How to get everyone on the same page and working in harmony together?

X-Ray your business*

The X-Ray immediately creates alignment around the different areas of your business the participants view as the company’s top fie challenges. In a very short amount of time, the entire team now agrees on areas of concern that need to be addressed. Employees and leadership.

For the first time, everyone can articulate what the challenges are using the same language. And now those challenges can be prioritized.

Create Engagement

If you haven’t heard the Gallup polls show huge levels of disengagement among companies and is increasing. The latest poll shows 71% disengagement. If you are a CEO/Owner running a company with 45 employees, then 32 of those employees have mentally checked out.

The X-Ray process helps create and increase engagement as soon as people start talking. Usually within 5 minutes starting the process. The conversation continues throughout the entire process allowing people’s ideas and concerns to be identified, shared, discussed and validated.

At the end of the X-Ray, everyone has a voice in what the company’s top five issues are, what the purpose of those issues are, who will own and be accountable for each issue and what the outcome will be once those issues are resolved. That is the very essence of engagement.


Now that there is clarity about the WHAT, your company can get to work on the HOW. Everyone will be involved in tracking and measuring progress of those top issues. You’re less likely to be hijacked by the shiny objects because you have a road map reminder about what the company said they need to work on over the coming months.

It takes a long time to get customers, to hire good employees and grow a business. You started your business because you believed in your idea. Don’t you want to give yourself every opportunity to grow it and get it right without struggling?

If so then take time to conduct a business X-Ray!

*What’s an X-Ray? Just like it sounds except for your business. Drop us a note if you want to know more.