We work with growing companies to strengthen their leadership, staff and bottom line.

Since 2001, Strategic Human Insights has provided solutions for talent selection, communications training, leadership development, professional consulting and team building to small and medium sized businesses across the United States.

Our services start with creating self and social awareness, using proven science-based assessments developed by TTI Success Insights. Our tools enable leaders to unlock employee potential that increases performance and profits.

Let Strategic Human Insights help you and your team discover the real characteristics of superior performance.

How We Help Businesses:

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Talent Management

Our talent solutions cover the complete life cycle of an employee. We are not recruiters. We are a partner to TTI Success Insights as analysts to help you identify the right people for the right role, develop employees for long term success, increase employee retention and create a sustainable culture.

Our processes include:

  • Talent Selection
    Hiring the wrong person can be a disaster for any organization. We work with you by:
    1. Helping put the right people in the right roles.
    2. Understanding how to motivate your employees once you understand their individual communication styles and personal values.
    3. Creating a culture that puts employees first.
  • Job Benchmarking
    The process of surveying and discovering the key functions of the job position and behaviors, motivators and soft skills needed for success.
  • Behavioral Assessments
    Learn individual behavior styles, motivational styles, developed soft skills and capacity to understand self and others.
  • Gap Analysis
    The variance between behaviors and skills needed for the job and the development of the candidate or employee.
  • Action Planning
    Setting goals and timelines to achieve better mastery of skills needed for success on the job.

These tools can help give you a clearer picture of the individual most suited for a position. Assessments also make it easier to track and monitor individual and team progress and recommendations for organizational improvements.