2014 – Will Your Business Sink or Swim?

As 2014 kicks off and you are considering all the items on your professional and personal to-do list make sure you add these three trends for the coming year: Leadership, Communication and Foresight.

As a business owner or CEO it’s your responsibility to lead your team, communicate frequently and have the foresight to stave off business derailment.  How?

Leadership: Step into the role. If you haven’t fully embraced the fact that you are the leader of the organization it’s time to step up. Not in a jerk way.  Leaders that are sure of themselves don’t let their ego get in the way. The leader I’m talking about isn’t afraid to ask for input and they aren’t afraid to make a decision. If it goes off track, they aren’t afraid to call it what it is, regroup and start over.  Your people believe in you otherwise they wouldn’t be working for you – be the leader they know you are.

Communication: First decide what your people need to know then decide who needs to know it.  Often times we think people already know certain things but most of the time they don’t so you have to tell them. If you are the business owner or CEO that means share with them your vision, how you expect them to behave, your priorities and expectation towards goals. Then decide what your managers and staff need to know and tell them.

Foresight: Wouldn’t you love to have a crystal ball? Well if a crystal ball isn’t available then make sure you have a Stages of Growth X-Ray in your back pocket.  As a business owner or CEO you want to grow the business but you can’t predict the future – a Stages of Growth X-Ray helps you predict your business challenge before they happen so you can stave business derailment.

Everyone knows that a journey starts with one step. If you have decided that you will be one of the successful businesses then you have to know how you got where you are now and where you want to go. Once you have the roadmap you’ll be able to sustain your efforts because you will not be wasting time in areas or on issues that aren’t important.

Make 2014 the year your business takes off contact us for a complimentary consultation about how a Stages of Growth X-Ray can help your business thrive.