2012 Workplace Trends

At the end of the year there is always much discussion about what’s going to be hot in the New Year. This year is no different with several human resources magazines discussing what’s trending for 2012 in Talent. Talent Management Magazine had a write up about five workplace trends for 2012. While not every company will make even the slightest change some are making the commitment to move forward in a bold way. What type of company do you work for? 

There will be a movement from management principals to leadership values. This statement says that employees are savvy and while they have been waiting in the wings to make changes if they were able to keep their jobs during this past three year weirdness, they are watching you leaders. Employees want to work for companies that actually walk the talk.

A focus on the workplace culture as a way for the company to grow the business.  A lot of companies are starting to invest their time and money in their employees. These companies know that engaged and happy employees means happy customers that continue to return, time and time again.
Diversity within organizations. I don’t think this one ever went away but companies are trying to do a better job of hiring people who are representative of the customers they are trying to reach. Seems like doing this has been good business all along.

More virtual work or, technology, can’t live with it; can’t live without it. The younger generation and hey even some of us NOT in the younger generation; want to integrate work with our life. So more companies will be figuring out ways to make this happen for their employee population. Good, bad or indifferent technology is here to stay and can make our lives easier; even our work lives!

Flatter organizations. Heck hasn’t this BEEN happening since the 2008 crash? Since technology helps us get information faster, it means we can have access to information quicker; none of that chain of command stuff from the old days! This will present a new challenge for managers; learning how to better manage their teams because now it really is all about the team. It’s no longer about “I” and we all know there is no “I” in TEAM!

As I asked earlier what type of company do you work for? Business Owner, CEO’s and Leaders need to remember the tide always turns. Since 2008 it’s been in favor of the businesses, as the economy picks up, employees tides will be rising. Companies need to do everything they can to retain the right people in the right roles.